Napoleon Hill's Gold Standard

A source of riches that you can take to the bank!

  • Written by: Napoleon Hill , Napoleon Hill Foundation
  • Narrated by: Rich Germaine
  • Length: 6 hrs and 25 mins
  • Release Date:11-07-16
  • Publisher: Sound Wisdom

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Audiobook Description

Napoleon Hill’s Gold Standard is a source of riches that you can take to the bank! Your profit from this book will materialize in the riches you uncover while living your life’s purpose.

Knowing what to do is great, but applying what you have learned is the real secret to success. You gain your greatest riches in life when you read, study and take action on what you have learned.

By listening to this book you are acting on your explicit faith that you can become a person you desire to be. By raising your sights to your higher self you are visualizing the perfect outcome for your purpose and plan.

As Dr. Hill states: When a plan comes through to your conscious mind while you are open to the guidance of infinite intelligence, accept it with appreciation and gratitude and act on it at once. Do not hesitate, do not argue, challenge, worry, fret about it, or wonder if it is right. Act on it!

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