The Law of Success

  • Written by Napoleon Hill
  • Narrated by Rich Germaine
  • Length: 7hrs : 6min
  • Release Date: January 12, 2024
  • Published by Sound  Wisdom
  • Official publication of the Napoleon Hill Foundation

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Audiobook Description

Napoleon Hill’s original master class on individual achievement

Before the landmark book Think and Grow Rich came The Law of Success, an eight-volume series in which Hill presents the complete Science of Success philosophy. Originally published in 1928, this success system contains 16 lessons on personal achievement, gleaned from interviews with and research on over 500 top performers from various industries and walks of life.

Now condensed for your convenience into one compact volume curated by the Trustees of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, The Law of Success details the exact steps by which any individual can harness the power of thought to turn their dreams into reality. This is much more than a guide or roadmap; it is a total lifestyle makeover, with concrete resources for everyday application. If you are serious about becoming the best version of yourself in your field, your relationships, your health, and your finances, then you are ready for the original master class on success.

A message from the executive director and CEO of the Napoleon Hill Foundation:

There have been many requests over the years for a version that is more concise and compact yet contains the core lessons discovered and set forth in the discussion of the 16 success principles. The Trustees of the Napoleon Hill Foundation heard these requests and took on the task of producing such a book, containing what they viewed as the essential lessons and most important portions of the original work.

I have been the Executive Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation since 2000, and I and the other Trustees who contributed to this work have nearly 200 years combined years of service to the Foundation. I believe they are singularly equipped to produce the best distillation of Napoleon Hill’s seminal work and am proud to present this book for your enjoyment, appreciation, and education.

— Don M. Green, Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer, and Trustee

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