Making Accountable Decisions

Listening Length: 1 hour and 44 minutes
Author: Sam Silverstein
Narrator: Rich Germaine
Publisher: Sound Wisdom
March 5, 2018
Language: English

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Audiobook Description

A Journey to an Accountable Life: No More Excuses

We struggle making decisions, and most times, we just wish someone would make them for us. What if that could all change, and you could master the decisions you face in your life?

The average person makes hundreds of decisions each day. They range from the ordinary and mundane to life-altering events. Many decisions we are faced with have little affect on our lives. They deal with the simple problems and require simple choices. However, there are those decisions which impact our lives and the lives of those around us in very significant and consequential ways.

In Making Accountable Decisions, Sam Silverstein presents ways to approach our life’s decisions and how we interact and affect others. He does this by focusing on the most substantial decisions in our lives, how they impact us, and what decisions we can make to add value and meaning.

Sam is the founder of The Accountability Movement and works with companies, government agencies, and people around the world, helping them build accountable cultures and live accountable lives. Building an accountable world is his life’s mission. Some people choose to let life happen. Some people make it happen. What is your decision?

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